Shekhawati Travel Guide

Shekhawati Travel Guide

Here we are listing important travel tips related to Shekhawati region, this is compilation of  all the relevant information about Shekhawati travel circuit in this exhaustive Shekhawati travel guide. We hope you will find this travel guide helpful to plan your stay in a better way.

Shekhawati Travel Guide

  • Hygiene:  The cleanliness and hygiene is good in this part of India, you will find neat and clean hotels and other stay facility in Shekhawati area. As a precaution one should carry hand sanitizing gels in case you need a quick wash
  • Food Quality: Multi cuisine food is served in class hotels of Shekhawati, the local cuisine is on spicier side hence tourists should try the local dishes once they are acclimatized with Indian food for at least 3-4 days. For food lovers Dal Baati Churma is a must try. If you are fond of non vegetarian food then Laal Maans (Royal Mutton Recipe) is the best thing to try
  • Pollution: On contrary to the chaos and vehicular pollution in Indian cities, Shekhawati is not that polluted. Or one can consider the region as least polluted in India. No industries, less population, fewer vehicles contributes positively to the cleaner environment
  • Traffic: The traffic conditions in Shekhawati are very good, the number of vehicles is less and quality of roads is  also very good
  • Safety: Although you are safe while travelling in Shekhawati region but still one need to take precautions like not venturing alone in late nights etc. Over all crime rate is very low in this part of India.  People are kind, helpful and simple
  • Currency & Exchange: It is important for foreign tourists to carry sufficient Indian currency as you may find it hard to locate an exchange agency. There are very few exchange counters in the class hotels and they too deal in very few currencies. Although there are plenty of ATM machines which can cater international debit and credit cards to withdraw money in INR currency
  • Things to do: As we all know Shekhawati is a cultural and heritage site, we can explore the many forts, Havelis and other architectural marvels . One can do a lot of Photography, Equestrian activities available in Mandawa and Dundlod. Camel rides, Horse back rides etc.
  • Things not to do: As a responsible tourist , please do not harm the heritage paintings and frescoes of Shekhawati knowingly or unknowingly. It is observed that out of excitement few people visiting Shekhawati for the first time tries to touch, feel or sometimes scratch the wall paintings which is discouraged and locals may not like it
  • Time required to visit Shekhawati : One needs at least 2 full days to explore Mandawa, Fatehpur, Dundlod, Parasrampura, Mahansar  and other sites of Shekhawati. It is one of the best option for Delhites and Jaipurites for a weekend excursion
  • Places to See in Shekhawati: We have published a dedicated article on this topic, you can read the same on this link

Wrap Up:

Shekhawati is a beautiful location to witness best of the frescoes and murals in India. Visiting this land of painted walls is very exciting, safe and intriguing for art and heritage lovers. All other tourist related aspects of Shekhawati are mentioned above to better guide you…Padharo Mahre Desh.

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