Shekhawati Climate

Shekhawati Climate and Weather: It is important to be versed with climate information of Shekhawati before visiting and for that matter this applies to any other new places as well.  Shekhawati is considered as a part of Northern India with all the hues of nature. Scorching hot summers to chilling colds is the specialty of this region. Rains are always on an average pattern with rest of North Indian states.

The best time to visit Shekhawati is from October-March, as the climatic conditions are very pleasant during these months.

Summers: April to September is considered as summers here, the temperature reaches at 48-50 degree Celsius during the season. You could face sand storms in the summers because of the proximity with Thar desert. Humidity levels are considerably low in summers. It is suggested for tourists to carry plenty of water during the season.  A rainy spell follows in the month of July,August and September.  The weather in summer is also full of surprises as the days are burning hot and  at the same time the nights are colder.

Winters : October to March are the months of winters, it is the best time to visit Shekhawati. The mercury falls to -1 degree during the winters to make this place a must visit for tourists coming from abroad. Pilani and Churu hits the lowest temperature in the northern plains of India.

Overall Shekhawati Climate is bearable barring two months of Summers. i;e May and June.

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