Mukundgarh, Jhunjhunu Shekhawati

Mukundgarh also pronounced Mukangadh is a village beetween Jhunjhunu and Sikar cities of Rajasthan. The village of Mukundgarh was established by Thakur Mukund Singh of Shekhawat clan. The village is near to Dundlod and Nawalgarh towns. One can experience a typical Shekhawati stay and colorful scenes all across the village, the Havelis constructed in 19th and 20th century by the rich trader community are still standing tall with grandeur and beauty. Fresco-ed walls and ceilings are in good condition and mesmerize the tourists visiting Mukundgarh.

Places to visit in Mukundgarh:

1- Mukundgarh Fort, Ganeriwal Haveli, Kanodia Haveli and Saraf Haveli are the old fresco rich mansions which are tourist destinations in Mukundgarh.

2- Few temples are also worth watching, like Lord Shiva Temple, Gopinath Ji Temple built by the Shekhawat Thakurs and the latest one Venugopal Temple.

3- The fort is constructed on a high altitude which enable the visitors to have a fine sight seeing experience of surrounding territories up to 5-10 Kilometers. A sunrise-sunset observation from the rooftop of the fort is not a bad idea either.

Reaching Mukundgarh:

Mukundgarh is directly connected with rail and road, Loharu-Jaipur railway line connects Mukundgarh directly with Jaipur. By road it is midway Sikar and Jhunjhunu route.

Jaipur International Airport is the nearest airport.

The climate of Mukundgarh is at par with rest of Shekhawati.

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