Mandawa Shekhawati, Rajasthan

Mandawa is the most happening village of entire Shekhawati tourism sphere, it was an earliest place which made to the Shekhawati tourism map. Maharao Shardul Singh Ji of Jhunjhunu gave this area to his Son Thakur Nawal Singh, who also founded Nawalgarh. Thakur Nawal Singh built the fort at Mandawa in 1755AD. Today, Mandawa is carrying a legacy full of Heritage full of Rajput Art. Any trip to Shekhawati region minus Mandawa is an incomplete one. A strong line of luxury hotels and fort/castle converted in to hotel is a dream stay for the tourists visiting Shekhawati. Mandawa castle converted in to a tourist hotel makes to the top palace hotels of India.

Presently Mandawa is a part of Jhunjhunu district.




The interiors of Mandawa Fort are influenced from Seesh Mahal of Amber Fort, as there is lost of mirror work in the walls and the ceiling. The Durbar Hall is a grand portion of the Fort. The other buildings of the town were built by wealthy merchant community known as Marwaris.

In the princely era Late Ustad Mehdi Hassan’s forefathers were the court singers of Mandawa Thikana. Ustad Mehdi Hassan spent his childhood in the village Luna of Jhunjhunu district and he gave his first performance in the court of Mandawa Thakur Saheb in his childhood.

Places to Visit in Mandawa:

1- There is a long list of tourist sites in Mandawa, just we need to keep our eyes open all the time ;-), Every street and house is painted with colorful frescoes.  Right from the fort to the Wells and walls of the village are artifacts in themselves.  Here we are providing a list of few buildings which are of tourist interest.

2- So first and foremost the Mandawa fort/castle then the Hanuman Prasad Goenka’s Haveli, Jhunjhunwala’s Haveli, Saraf Haveli, Murmuria’s Haveli, Raghunath Ji Temple, Ladia Haveli, Chokhani and Newatia Havelis are the places to visit.

How to Reach Mandawa :

Any tour operator from Delhi or Jaipur would be happy to offer his service to you for a Mandawa trip. However if you are coming on your own then Mandawa is well connected to Road. Jhunjhunu is the nearest railway station. The lodging and food is not that costly here rather the quality is decent and above average. The nearest airport is Jaipur and Delhi.

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