Khetri, Jhunjhunu Rajasthan

Khetri is the very first town of Jhunjhunu district after entering the state of Rajasthan from Narnaul (Haryana), it is also the second largest thikana of Shekhawat Rajputs. The town is known for copper rich mines these days. There is a big plant of Hindustan Copper Ltd. in Khetri. Raja Khet Singh Nirban of Nirban-Chauahn Rajput clan founded the town, later this town was conquered by Shekhawat Rajputs and awarded to Thakur Kishan Singh Ji by his father Maharao Shardul Singh Ji of Jhunjhunu. Khetri is also a part of Panchpana.

Raja Ajit Singh Shekhawat of Khetri was a far sighted and wise ruler, he built many forts, palaces and temples. Swami Vivekanand was also a close friend of Raja Ajit Singh. A statue of Swami Vivekanand is installed on a street roundabout of Khetri as memorial. Raja Sardar Singh was the last titular Raja of Khetri.

Raja of Khetri was also once the employer of the Nehru family.  Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s uncle Nandlal Nehru was chief minister (Diwan) in the Khetri royal court. Motilal Nehru also spent early years of his life in Khetri only.


Khetri Fort

Khetri Fort

Places to visit in Khetri:

Khetri is situated between hilly locations of Aravali range.

1- The main attraction in Khetri is the fort built by Raja Ajit Singh Shekhawat Saheb Bahadur. It is the highest point of Khetri for a panaromic view of the town and surroundings. A wind palace was also built in Jhunjhunu by the rulers of Khetri. There is a minor influence of frescos in Khetri buildings; these are plain but very artistic as far as sculpture is concerned.

2- A temple of Gopinath ji was also built by the Khetri Royal house; the same is open for general public now.  Other than this, temples of Bihari Ji, Ganga Mata, Hanman Ji, Siddhi Vinaayak and Bhatiyani Ji ka Mandir are the old famous buildings. Few temples are situated in the fort are ther ebut not open for the public. A beautiful temple of Baba Rameshwar Das in Tibba Basai is 30 KM from the town, those seeking peace of mind and spiritual guidence can visit this temple.

3- Pannasar Talab (Pond) is an artificial lake to store the rain water, Ajit Sagar Bandh (Dam) is a modern water reservoir built by the authorities, it is in mid of a beautiful location surrounded by lush Green Hills.

For research students and miners the Hindustan Copper Ltd. plant is also an important location, please check prior to visitng the mines as generally it is not allowed to visit the plant by public.


How to Reach Khetri

Khetri is better approachable by road, while coming from Delhi the route goes like:


Nearest railway station is Narnaul, which is 40 KM from the town and the nearest Airport is IGI New Delhi.

Rail route is not suggested as the direct connectivity from Jaipur and Delhi to Narnaul is not good as of yet.

For a quick arrival the road route is recommended while coming from Delhi.


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  1. i live in khetri nd it is the best palace

  2. nitesh kumar saini says

    khetri is a most popular town in is a very good example of architecture and nice fort,havali,temples and lake or pond.everyone should visite this town.

  3. guarav tomar says

    khetri I like city

  4. harshvardhan swami says

    very niccce palace its amazinnnng ……..

  5. harshvardhan swami says


  6. krishan kumar says

    Khetri is most popular in rajsthan

  7. surendra kumar Badesara says

    I love khetri the city seems just like kashimer.

  8. sunil yogi says

    i like khetri forts this place a tourist place.

  9. pawan Kumar saini says

    Khetri is a city of bless. And it is situated in a beautiful valley. And khetri fort is a symbol of courage of this small city._KR. saini

  10. Khetri is a beautiful town. my mother’s village of Rampura . Tyonda(khetri)

  11. P.P. Saaini says

    khetri is very Good place. it is town of temples. I like khetri very much.

  12. Shiv Bhargava says


    Great Khetri,
    Polo Ground
    jai Singh School
    Hanuman garee
    Ramakrishna Misson

  13. Raju kasana says

    I love you khetri

  14. I was born in khetri. I have studied in Jai Sing High School. I swam across the beautiful
    panasar Talaab.

  15. Everybody has appreciated and feel pride on Khetri , but there is also to be noticed how this town is maintain, if the Mr. Kairol a British resident of the than period of Khetri Thikana who taken lot of interest to build its ground water system ,comes back and see it , definitely he will cry.

    The very moment you enter from the darwaj (Gate) near petrol pump to enter in the real town you will find once so deep that an elephant can pass under it, now become a dump yard of waste of the town. The river flowing under it was having whole year water has now become a Gandaa Nala, thanks to the people and authorities , encroachment had been done on the dam (Tijoin Vala Bandh) and check dam at jhojhu ,which were the source of flow of water.

    A lot of encroachment has taken place on the streets and Aam Rasta of Khetri town which were quite wide enough earlier thus making these streets and Aam Rasta a narrow lane causing lot of difficulty as resident also park their vehicles on street as per their will and whim. I fail to understand when concerned authority will demolish these encroachments. Road connected from Singhana side as well as from Neem ka Thana side are in very pathetic condition. Anybody can understand looking to the condition of road, how concerned authorities are maintaining theses basic facility of the town.
    In the year 1976 water supply system introduced through pipe line but still town needs proper supply of water and system, I have seen in many wards people still run from here to there to fetch water from any source or those capble purchases from private water supplier. Near Talab an overhead water tank has been constructed but never used due to its faulty construction, who is responsible for waste of public money GOD knows.

    The Great Panna Sar Talab waiting for re-birth of Seth PANNA who has built the Talab to reconstruct its water supply canal , which were badly damaged during the Chandmari Copper Project, and remaining part neither cleaned nor repaired after its construction in its life time. The main bazaar which was having a KHELEEi (water storage for animals to drink water) and an integral part of Talab to discharge water to keep Talab water fresh has been demolished and a urinal has been constructed by Nagar Palika. Thanks even under swachh Bharat Abhiyan, no cleaning, bad smell of urine passed out is a symbol of pride. (Sorry if someone feel hurt but its reality)


      extremely disturbing but true, I spent my childhood in Khetri Nagar and Studied at KV No.1 upto 1974, I keep visiting once in a while and can understand the difference then and now and deep anguish and angst in your composition.

      • Sukumar bose says

        I was also in khetrinagar till 1979..studied in kv – 1. Sad to know the state of affairs out there. Wonder if I will recognize the lovely Township it used to be if I go there know. Anyways. Are you the son of Dr P. D. SHARMA

  16. Anshul the rockstar says

    Khetri i love you
    Its my village
    # love to come here
    # like to live here

  17. chatur meena says

    All people and places is very nice.

  18. Please advice how to reach Government College in Khetri (via train).

  19. Town Khetri provides me peace of mind. Here Swami Vivekanand Library is marvellous. And swami ji were friend of Raja Ajit Singh. Ajit Singh helped Swami ji traveling for Chicago conference in 1874. Dhanya h yah Bharat bhumi jaha Swami ji ke charan Pade.

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