Shekhawati region of Rajasthan consists of the areas falling under Sikar, Jhunjhunu and some parts of Churu, Nagaur and Jaipur. There are thousand of Villages & Towns which falls under this region. Shekhawati is famous for its rich heritage and beautiful architectures full of fresco paintings , hence also known as “open air art gallery”. Now a days Shekhawati is the most favorite tourist destination for those visiting India to experience her rich heritage.

Shekhawati is truly a blessing for all art lovers who are in to architecture and old painted sculptures. Shekhawati style of architecture is unique in itself. The Mansions (Havelis) , Step Wells (Bawadi) , Charitable Inns (Dharamshalas), Cenotaph (Chhatris)  and Forts made by Shekhawat Rajput rulers and Marwari community is beautifully painted with divine and contemporary pictures ranging from Hindu Gods to British Raj to Trains to Telephones and more..

Many of the old heritage Havelis and other buildings (Mansions, Forts) are now converted in to hotels and guest houses.

Shekhawati – Rajasthan, India

Shekhawati Painting

Shekhawati Fresco Painting

History of Shekhawati

Shekhawati, as the name suggests is the land of Shekhawat Rajputs. The term Shekhawati directly relates to its founding father MahaRao Shekha Ji. The literal meaning of word Shekha+Wati in local language means the garden of MahaRao Shekha. Descendants of MahaRao Shekah Ji are called Shekhawat Rajputs. The noble Shekhawat Rajputs ruled this area for more than 500 years. Other than the Rajput community, Marwaris (the business class) and agrarian communities like Jats and Malis have an important role in growth and  prosperity of Shekhawati. You can read more about History of Shekhawati at this page..

People of Shekhawati

The region is home for most colorful people of India. You will witness different kind of colorful dresses of both men and women, men often wear neatly tied colorful turbans. This area gives maximum soldiers to Indian military services, sometimes called as Veer Bhoomi (Land of Braves). Military, Agriculture and business are the main source of earning for Shekhawati people. Marwari community established itself as the most prosperous social group in the world by venturing in all big and small trades. Birlas, Khaitans, Piramals, Poddars, Modis, Mittals, Dalamias, Roongtas, Singhania are very prominent name in business world. You can read more about life of Shekhawati people at this page..

Shekhawati Tourism

Until two decades back Shekhawati was almost an unknown place among the tourists due to lesser media coverage. Now the aggressive marketing by tour operators, good connectivity, liberal policies of government have changed the scenario all together. There are many hotels, guest houses and resorts catering the tourist’s needs. Internet technology have further revolutionized the momentum. More and more people are coming to Shekhawati every year. In the fast paced life and improved modes of transportation, Shekhawati projected itself as a weekend excursion for people of Delhi NCR and Jaipur. We have consolidated Shekhawati tourism information on this page to give an overview.

Places to visit in Shekhawati

There are many towns to see in Shekhawati and roam around to witness the beauty of this painted land. Here we have listed the best places to visit in Shekhawati, the main points of attraction in the region are Alsisar, Mandawa, Dundlod, Fatehpur, Ramgarh, Bissau, Mahansar, Khandela, Jhujhunu, Sikar, Khetri, Nawalgarh, Mukundgarh, Bagar, Chirawa and many more…We also covers parts of Churu and other adjoining districts of Shekhawati region where the art and culture attraction points are relevant to the visitors traveling this area of Rajasthan. Read More….

How to reach Shekhawati

You can reach Shekhawati by air, rail and road. The nearest airports are of Jaipur and New Delhi. The area is well-connected by Road..Read more here to understand the routes to reach Shekhawati. We also have created a Distance Calculator for your ease to calculate the distance and understand the route map to reach Shekhawati. Please check with Railway Authorities before commencing your journey as a meter gauge to broad gauge conversion going on in the region and trains are not operating due to this up-gradation activity started in year 2012. Location of Shekhawati is in North-West Rajasthan.

Shekhawati Travel Guide

We have curated a quick Shekhawati travel guide for you at this link . This is a detailed ready reckoner for tourists visiting the region. We have covered all the aspects which a traveler need to know before planning a visit to Shekhawati.

Map of Shekhawati

We have provided a detailed tourist guide map of Shekhawati region of Rajasthan on our website to help you plan your upcoming tour to colorful Shekhawati circuit of Rajasthan. You can access the detailed map at this link.

Weather of Shekhawati

The best time to visit Shekhawati are the months from October – March every year. The temperature varies from very low to high depending upon the months you are visiting this place. In summers the mercury goes up to 45-47 degree Celsius in the region, but still the nights are relatively cool in the summers. One should carry a lot of packaged water in summers to avoid dehydration. Monsoon is moderate, you would not face heavy rains or like that. Here is the detailed climate report of Shekhawati.  As mentioned earlier winters are the best time to visit this beautiful land

Festivals of Shekhawati

This area of Rajasthan is famous for celebrating festivals with grandeur and in full spirits. The main festivals celebrated here are Teej, Gangaur, Holi, Diwali, Navratri (twice in a year). There is one annual event namely “Shekhawati Festival” which is organised by Morarka foundation every year in the month of February. Shekhawati Festival is being held from last 18 years in Nawalgarh. Shekhawati festival hosts organise rural tours, arts and crafts fair, cattle fair, organic food court and concludes with an award ceremony to recognize local craftsmen and artisans.

Newspapers of Shekhawati

Shekhawati Bhaskar is a regional news paper published in Hindi, it is a subsidiary supplement of Dainik Bhaskar daily news paper. Shekhawati Bhaskar is a famous news paper in Sikar, Churu and Jhunjhunu. Rajasthan Patrika is another leading Hindi Daily. Tourists can access English News Papers and Internet connectivity in hotel rooms to read news in language of their choice.

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  1. Rajasthan tourism Places says

    shekhawati in rajasthan is famous for its rich culture and havelis .

  2. shekhawati news says

    shekhawati is famous for its rich culture and heritage,tnaks to give such an valuable information about shekhawati.

  3. I am an architect and having liking to history and art. PLease let me know better month to move I eatern rajasthan. kindly let me know ccities to be visited. Thanks

    • Jitender S Shekhawat says


      The best season to visit this region is between October to March, the places of interest are Mandawa, Ramgarh Shekhawati, Fatehpur Shekhawati, Jhunjhunu, Bissau, Mahansar and many others. You can check this website for more information.

  4. abhishek says

    Hi, I am Abhishek from Noida, we are two person planning to visit Shekhawati region for 2 night and 3 days.
    Our tour will starts on thursday night from delhi and 1st we will reach bikaner.
    Whoel friday, we will explore bikaner with overnight stay there.. next morning i.e. saturday and even sunday too. we wants to explore ramgarh, dunlold, churu, i mean maxmum part of shekhawati region.

    Finally we have train from churu to delhi on sunday late night.

    Kindly assist for my exploratioon of shekhawati region for saturday and sunday.


  5. vishwajeetsingh says

    Please let me know the whole biodiversity of shekhawati and also what is the reason behind the less number of trees in shekhawati

  6. sajjan rathore says

    please let me know the whole biodiversity of shekhawati region of rajasthan and also what is the reason behin the less number of trees and plantation in shekhawati…thanks

  7. Hello, We are a small group travelling to Churu from Delhi in mid August. We plan to visit Ramgarh and Mahansar from Churu.

    We have kept one full day for sightseeing of Nawalgarh, Fatehpur a short stop at Mandawa for lunch and then Dundlod before returning from Churu. Please guide us with what could be the best route to take from Churu to visit all the above and then return to Churu. Is it too much to cover in one day?

    • Jitender S Shekhawat says


      One day is too short for covering all these places. You should keep at least 2 full days .

      The route should be Churu>Mahansar>Ramgarh>Fatehpur>Nawalgarh>Mandawa.

      For route details you can refer : for proper view of locations.


  8. Hi,
    I have been following Indian art for some time now and would really like to tour the shekhawati region. I will b traveling alone. Please guide me with the places to visit, transport and places to stay. I will be reaching Jaipur on the 8th of September.

    Thank you so much


  9. Hi,
    I am planing a shewati trip from jaipur on 19th nov’2015.On 22 nov’2015 I have to reach Delhi.What will be the best trip plan?Where to stay in night?I want to minimize the time taking journey.
    Please help me..

    • Jitender S Shekhawat says


      You can start on 19th from Jaipur to Mandawa, the Journey will be of 3 Hrs. maximum. There after you can see the different places in next 2 days. For stay, there are plenty of hotels of different budgets, you can choose from lodges to luxury hotels and resorts. I will recommend you to stay in some heritage hotel to experience the beauty of the place.

      You can take a train on 22nd Nov. from Churu to Delhi, there are 2 express trains from Churu (first at 12 noon and another at 5 PM) . The journey time is 5 Hrs.


  10. Shekhawatii Haveli says

    Located 10 minutes away from Salasar mandir,Shekhawatii Haveli offers luxurious,air conditioned,fully equipped and traditionally designed havelis for rent.

    It offers the perfect blend of age old Shekhawati architecture and modern facilities. Styling cues at ‘Shekhawatii Haveli’ have been derived from the original structures, in the form as they belong to Shekhawati region. Also, each haveli is equipped with modern equipments to ensure a comfortable stay.

    • Located close to famous religious places like Salasar Balaji (10 minutes), Jhunjhunu (1 hour 20 minutes), Khatu Shyamji (1 hour 30 minutes), Shakambari Mata and Jeen Mata Mandir.
    • Four Havelis (3BHK each) ready and 4 more near completion.
    • Each haveli is air conditioned with three-bedrooms, a living and dining room,fully operational kitchen, ‘chowk’ (open court) and a personal lawn.
    • There is separate staff/ driver accommodation.
    • The havelis are fullly furnished with built-in beds, side tables, sofas, dining table, chairs etc.
    • Each haveli has power backup, geysers, fans, light fixtures, T.V., fridge, etc.
    • The kitchens are fully equipped with toaster, electric kettle, cutlery, crockery, etc.
    • There is facility for private parking.
    • Housekeeping and turn down services are available.
    • Food facility is also available.
    • There is a ‘Chopad’ (open courtyard) in the complex were one can relax, enjoy and spend time with friends and family.

  11. shekhawati news says

    nice information about shekhawati is shared above ,I love my shekhawati



    i’ lle be in Shekawati 2 days.
    One day i d like to visit Haveli in Nawalgarah, Dunlod and Mandawa.
    The other day i’d like to visit villages and experience rural life (farmer, handicraft, ….).

    Some suggestion about villages? Any guide can keep us somewhere? We are with a driver!

  13. i am planning a tour of sekhawati havelis in December 2016 … need help in planning the tour … thank you

  14. Wahud Shah Farooqui says

    we proud of our city fatehpur and may contry..
    becous it’s our burth land..
    Jai Hind..

  15. Wahid Shah Wahid Farooqui says

    We proud our city faehpur shekhawati and our happyness country INDIA.
    Jai Hind…..

  16. Wahid Shah Wahid Farooqui says

    We proud our city Fatehpur Shekhawati and our happyness country INDIA. we proud of our city fatehpur and may contry..becous it’s our burth land..Jai Hind..
    Jai Hind…..

  17. Vishal Singh says

    I am a big admirer of Shekhawati culture, I am a Geherwar Rajput (UP) myself and feel proud to propagate the Rajput culture through my Startup.
    Please send me the details of all the hotels and guest houses in the Shekhawati region so that we can send them the details for listing on our website, which is totally free of cost, and start booking with guests who want to discover more of this region.
    Our website is in the development phase but we are listing properties, and we will be up and running in 7 days.

  18. excellent work by shekhawati team.

  19. sudhindra lal pakrashi says

    i will be going to Bikaner via churu. i want to visit sekhawati region. please late me know the best rout plan, and days required,etc.. so that i can program for the Rajasthan tour..

  20. sudhindra lal pakrashi says

    sir, i want the sekhawati tour to be completed within 2/3 days stationed at churu/mandawa. please indecate the best route to be followed & safe car rentals

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