Fatehpur Shekhawati Rajasthan

Fatehpur Shekhawati, Rajasthan  is a small town of the district of Sikar of  Shekhawati region. It is a Tehsil office now a days for surrounding villages. As the name suggests Fatehpur was established by Nawab Fateh Khan in year 1451,  later the same was conquered by Shekhawat Rajputs. Fatehpur is also called the culture capital of Shekhawati.

Fatehpur Shekhawati  Railway Station
Fatehpur Shekhawati Railway Station
Fatehpur Shekhawati  Railway Platform
Fatehpur Shekhawati Railway Platform


Places to visit in Fatehpur Shekhawati :

1- Dwarkadheesh Mandir (Temple) :- Built by Seth Asharam Ji Poddar in the 19th Century. This building is rich with fresco paintings of Shekhawati.

2- Singhania Haveli (Mansion) :- Built in 3 years span from 1857 to 1860 by Seth Jagan Nath Singhania Ji. The grand mansion is itself a landmark of Fathepur Shekhawati, it is known for the artistic sculpture and fresco paintings of the British Raj.

3- Dau Janti Balaji Dham (Temple) :- It is a famous Lord Hanuman Mandir (Temple) known for miracles and fulfilling wishes of the devotees.

4- Nadine Le Prince Cultural Center :- Nadine  Le is a french artist, she purchased the Deora Haveli in year 1999 to transform it in to a cultural center. Nadine is involved in preserving and restoration of old havelis and Fresco paintings and Murals.

5- Other Places :- There is plenty of  Havelis made by trader community in the 19th Century, few are like Saraogi Haveli, Goenka Haveli etc.

How to reach Fatehpur Shekhawati? :- Fatehpur is situated on Jaipur-Bikaner Highway NH#11, it is also connected by rail. The Jaipur – Sikar – Churu rail route covers Fatehpur Shekhawati.

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  1. P D SHARMA says

    Fatehpur sekhawati is the place where myself and my dreams comes through…I had my Graduation from the college ie..Seth G.R.Chamaria college in 1971. A sleeping town ..easy going life.Local market and a library ..Saraswati library.
    another lib..Azad Bhawan Pustkalaya…and I remember my school ..Jangid vaidik vidyalaya ..my father Shree Ramniwas Bhaskar was the Head Master of my school.My school and college days , I always remember.but after 42 years things have totally changed. Every where we looks khandher, mentality of local residents are very poor…Relationship, zero.die for money…JYADA KUCHH NAHI..BURA LAGATA HAI….

    • Bhanu Pratap Jangid says

      Sir People. Changed because of their needs and expectations and you are saying right Havelies and so called SHAAN of our Fatehpur is deteriorating fastly neither politicians nor youth is not understanding their responsibility .

  2. NALIN SARAF (Fatehpurwala) says

    Hi all Fatehpurwale friends, I love this city as much as you all do. Because of my love to this city, I did a extensive research work and prepared a pictorial history book “Fatehpur Darpan” Apartfrom this I have just released a book Äjab Deewane” containing short biographical history of certain important people of this city who has done a lot for development and improvement of this city. Pictures are in colour whereas some ancient one in b/w as well. Both the books are must reading for all Fatehpur lovers. You may contact me on my cell: 9821042840. Regards, Nalin Saraf (India).

  3. vishnu sharma says

    I proud of my culture.. & I proud of my city…so thanks….fatehpur shekhawati…I love u..& salute …..jai shree laxminathji..

  4. SABIR BHUWAN says

    Now I am living in Mumbai but my heart always in Fatehpur shekhawati because Fatehpur shekhawati is my birthplace.

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