An account of a Shekhawati Native.

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Friends, When it is all about Shekhawati on this site then it would be justified that some one well versed with the area should give his/her insights on the same. This will not only help gathering complete information but also help in populating the correct information about Shekhawati. Hence the idea of developing this site came in to my mind.

I was born in the heart of Shekhawati and of course living in Delhi since then. But still I am a frequent  visitor to my village and areas around it. Of late I realized that there are many tourist service providers who are sending pax of tourists to the place, In the due course there are visible marketing of the same in both print and electronic media. However I was dissatisfied with the way people were portraying Shekhawati on internet.  Then only I decided to bring real places , real people of Shekhawati to internet through this website.

The biggest myth is that Shekhawati is some village or town. But it is not right, as Shekhawati is a region comprising hundreds of kilometers covering 2-3 districts of Rajasthan.

I would try to provide the esteemed readers of this website with authentic  information about Shekhawati.

1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (97% score)